June 8, 2013

June Blog Update

I have a new friend that likes to hang around my back patio. I'm so used to him hanging out, I miss him when he's gone. I need to give him a name, but have yet to go there.
Just been sayin " Hey, Lil Buddy"

We had our GD Memorial Day Weekend. Usually we go to the mountains for a few days to celebrate our anniversary, but stayed home this year and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Perfect time to be outside. Had lots of fun too. Just check out the pics......

Notice the shades on top of her head.....

DH didn't want to be left out, so he joined GD drawing with chalk....

We did have some indoor time. When it got too hot to be outside, we found outher things to do indoors. This child loves her hair braided, and I love to practice every time she comes over.

Of course, she loves the wavy curls when I take it down too....

Yes, that's Breezy. She really loves Violet. They are the best of friends!!!!

I also got some sewing done while the movies and napping was going on....
I came across a sale at Walmart. Great deal too. I got both these sun dress fabrics for $5 a yd each.

It was Great having her here so I could measure her and allow for growth too :) Of Course, Barbie had to have matching outfits too!!!!

Long Skirt


Now onto my Stitchin.......

I finally managed to get my Thimble Collection Design stitched !!!
I chose to line them up on banding fabric and finish as a basket wrap.

SunshineStitches / Thimble Collection 
4 1/2" x 36" Banding Fabric
Extra Threads from previous projects

I needed a basket for my machine table, for I wasted time looking thru drawers to get my sewing notions and supplies when needed. 

I used sewing theme fabric and created an organizer to keep all my supplies in place.
The How-to Tutorial can be found here.

I added an extra Thimble to even the design around my basket, and used it to sign my project.
Velcro on the ends, and it is done. I still plan to stain the basket, just haven't gotten to it yet. 

I just finished putting in the last of all the back-stitching in Summer Quilt. 2 down & 2 to go!!!

Stoney Creek / Summer Quilt
Fabric = 28ct White
Suggested DMC threads

I found the tart tins to finish off the woodland babies. 
Hope to have pics for you in next month's blog update. This month's 
Freebie Challenge chart can be found in the freebie tab section.
I've also added some new pics to the Stitcher's Gallery tab. Stop by and see what my talented stitchy friends have shared.

Happy Stitchin!

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Faith... said...

What a cool friend you have there!

Violet looks so cute and all that pretty long hair and those big cheeks - she is adorable!

Love how you finished your thimbles.