February 10, 2013

1st Stitchy Update for 2013

1st Stitchy Update for 2013

I have Challenged myself to not purchase any Stitchy Stash in 2013. I have more than enough to stitch that has been kitted and ready for quite some time. Some even years, and I still want to stitch these designs, so on goes my Challenge. I will purchase no Stitchy items for myself in 2013. A few of my Stitchy Friends have joined me with this Challenge, and You are welcome to join in also. The more the Merrier. My Stash now is overflowing from my craft room, and it's time to do something!!!  I have done some de-cluttering, and plan to create a Stash for Sale album. 

As most of you know, I didn't get Plum Pudding done b-4 the end of 2012, so I'm presenting it as my newest finish for 2013. I plan to have it framed when I get the chance.

Plum Pudding / Glendon Place
Fabric = 28ct dyed Lavender by
My Chosen colorway:
DMC - 208 & 209
Threadworks - 1158
HDF - 2125, 2109, and Dk Wisteria

Lots of Wonderful Beading Details on this design

I love Sanman Originals Designs. They're so Quirky and Fun, and always make me smile.
The next 2 photos are designs from their Dec 2012 Newsletter. I haven't decided on the finishing yet. Any new Ideas?

above = Snowflake Doodle
below = Snowman Doodle
Fabric - Lt Blue 28ct Opalescent
Leftover threads

Who's ready for Valentine's Day???
I got a head start on DH's Valentine for this year. I wanted to do something different with my finishes, and decided to create a box for all our previously shared Valentines to go in. 
< this also freed up valuable drawer space :) >
I found this TUTORIAL  and decided to use a boot shoe box and leftover fabric from my Heart pillow from last year to cover it. It's a really easy project, and I completed it in only a couple of hours. I Love how it turned out....

From this.....
Stitched design from Luli
Material from Mary Jo's
Batting, Red Felt and Valentine Ribbon from Michael's
to this....

And I already have previous Valentines awaiting a look see.....

Design is by Luli
Fabric = 28ct White Opalescent
Threads = DMC 815

Be sure to check the Freebie Section for a New Freebie Challenge!!!

Until next time....



Berly said...

All your stitching is marvelous. I love the Valentine box!!

Stitching said...

Great job.....I love the purple pudding is beautiful! Love the colors. laurel

Meari said...

Nice stitching! The box turned out cute.

Mylene said...

Glendon Place looks gorgeous! Congrats on finishing it.

Cute Sanman finishes...perhaps a flat ornament or little cushion with white beads around it?? just an idea..
Love the Valentine's finished too.