October 29, 2012

Fall Adventure

We finally got a chance to go on our annual Fall drive, and what an Adventure it was!
We usually take a drive thru the Blueridge Mountains Parkway, or up to Chimney Rock, but this year we did something a bit different. A co-worker of DH suggested we take a drive on old 105 near Marion, NC. DH was more than willing to try for it's best to have 4-wheel drive to actually get from one end to the other. Just past Lake James State Park, old 105 begins and turns into a gravel road crossing Piscah National Forest

There were lots of hunters along the road, and travel was slow due to the roadway itself. Mostly a one lane road, and not a smooth place to be found. This became a fun ride, for I was holding Breezy, and when we started to bounce, I pretended we were on a Joy ride!...LOL  We got a good laugh at her expense. She really didn't know what to make of it, and didn't want to GO in the 1st place. Once we began stopping to look at the scenery and take pics, she brightened up and really enjoyed all the exploring and smells in the mountains. This was Breezy's 1st outside adventure away from home, and we all had a Great Day!

Notice the clouds in the sky. You'll see even more as you browse the pics. Not the best Fall colors to be seen, but a very enjoyable day.

Only a few miles in, and DHs 4WD is ready for another wash....

Catawba Valley / Linville Gorge River
As you can see, the low clouds really interfered with the colorful scenery.

On the hike up to Pinnacle Peak, we stopped to take a few fun pics. 
 Notice the trees, I never did see the bottom we were so high up.

The next pics will show 360 degree views from atop Pinnacle Peak

see the path we hiked to the Peak...

Pinnacle Peak

Beautiful Bluff

Someone's been camping out under the bluff.

Information Center - Now closed for the Season.

We hiked to Erwin Overlook to get the best view of the Falls. Rather a bumpy climb ( rock and roots), but no too bad going back down. ( Total 1.5 miles)

Poor Breezy was all tuckered out, and slept all the way home. Next day we asked if she wanted to GO, she got all excited and was ready to do it again.

I didn't take any pics of the actual road itself, but it wasn't too bad a road. DH only put the truck into 4WD a few times the whole trip, and that was on the the long up hills. Some had curves in the middle of them, and a couple you couldn't see over the hood of the truck when peaking the top to go back down.
We laughed at each other trying to see over the hood. LOL!!
 Thanks Richard for telling DH about old 105 :)
We all had a Great Adventure! and lots of Exercise!


Meari said...

What a beautiful trip!

Emma said...

Looks like you had a great trip! :)